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Most profitable home businesses

Most profitable home businesses


1. E-book sales

The same goes for E-books in general. You create an ad and link it to a valuable E-book. The rest is automated and you’re done. Do you find it challenging to write an E-book that is valuable? Turn this around. Start looking from the customer’s problems and make sure you start thinking from there. We humans buy products that are an answer to the pain we experience for something.


You can learn more about this principle here: Customers don’t buy what they need, but what they want. Especially for this revenue model, this means you have to take this into account and thus create an E-book that people want.


2. Skype sessions

Online coaching via Skype is booming. Especially in this day and age. This morning I started up my Zoom account and it quickly crashed. So much traffic and meetings were going on at that particular moment that the software couldn’t handle it anymore. By the way: whether you call it Skype sessions, Zoom Calls or Facebook Calls doesn’t really matter. The idea remains the same: you can coach someone remotely (anywhere in the world!!). Turning your shit into your fertilizer can help you be valuable to the person you are coaching. You can also use this strategy as an introduction to your products. Have you not yet started as an entrepreneur? Then take a look at this blog about it. In it we give 3 simple steps to start your business.


3. Selling CDs

You record the CD once and then you can sell it online. This is a proven business model provided you are familiar with the world of bringing in qualified leads (people) who want to buy it. CDs or of course downloads you can apply here. CDs have become more and more collector’s items but of course you can also make money online with your streams via Spotify for example. I recently spoke to a famous German DJ and it seems to be quite lucrative to get started with this and see your views increase. The nice thing is that you can apply this strategy from anywhere in the world of course.


4. Selling downloads

Downloads come in all shapes and sizes and you can certainly create many gifts here that will appeal to your potential customers. For example, selling downloads could mean that you create a document and then people can download it and work with it on their phone, laptop or desktop. This strategy gives you an infinite way of potential. Definitely make a list of it and see what kind of valuable downloads you could create that connect to the audience you are targeting. Do you find it challenging to choose a direction as to who exactly you are making those downloads for? Then be sure to read this blog on creating value for your potential customers.


5. Online coaching

Build a community and provide a good support group for online coaching. Very flexible and applicable anywhere in the world. Online coaching is the future for a large group of entrepreneurs. Of course, check whether you can really deliver the quality you want to deliver online. Look at what it gives your customers. Only work online to work online is really an empty promise and ensures that you can cut yourself in the long run. Always keep the value for your customers and potential customers in mind. Only then will you build a business for the long term.


Are you serious about making money online? Check out the blog we wrote about it in the context of coaching. A very valuable way of making money provided you set it up right:). Step by step and from a well thought out bigger plan.



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