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Is your Awin affiliate program bringing in new customers?

The Awin Affiliate Network, like most affiliate platforms, is based on a last-click attribution model. This means that the person who last clicked a link and brought a conversion is rewarded with the commission. The other various types of marketing touchpoints that led up to this conversion are not factored in or rewarded. The traditional affiliate system, such as Awin, is based on the last-click attribution model. This model is not very rewarding to the intense marketing efforts that came before the last click. It attributes the success of a conversion to the affiliate who sent them to your site and assumes any other marketing they did wasn’t as important. So what about your Awin-based revenue, is it true?


It’s just not accurate anymore to pinpoint one party as the last-click attribution model. That’s because the Awin network is filled with cashback or voucher promotion platforms that will certainly capture the last click. This means that marketers can misinterpret their conversion rates, which is leading to big problems. The right approach is to abandon this outdated model and start thinking about more accurate performance marketing. Knowing the truth is the first step to success. When it comes to attribution models, advertisers are always trying to find the correct way to obtain conversions. The most popular models are the last-click model and the last-interaction model. The last-click model states that an ad company is solely responsible for a conversion. However, this is rarely the case. This is especially true when networks are filled with cashback or voucher promotion platforms, which will certainly capture the last click.

If you’re using the last-click attribution model, you’re not getting the full picture. This is because there are so many other factors that affect the success of conversion, including cash back or voucher promotions. You can see how this could lead to a huge misinterpretation amongst marketers about where their true conversions are being generated. If you want to be successful, it’s important to understand which attribution model your business should be using. If you are using the last-click attribution model, your Google Analytics data is only showing you the conversions that came from the last traffic source. For example, paid search has just taken over the majority of your conversions that are being shown to you in Google Analytics. Keep in mind that when you are using a dashboard, like Google Data Studio. You are usually handed down to the standard available Google Data Studio attribution model, namely last-click attribution. But with Odyssey attribution in your dashboard, you can compare and add as many attribution models as you please.