International ship repair of the highest order


To provide a broken down vessel with a thorough but fast repair is not an easy task. Traditionally, they dry-dock the ship and use scaffolding to fix up the cracks. At Antwerp Underwater Solutions, you can count on a team of underwater divers that will make this process a lot easier and faster for you. This service is available for any vessel that is docked in a European harbor. The underwater repairs will be provided at the dock itself which means that the Antwerp Underwater Solutions team have a flexible process.

Count on the precision of the divers

A damaged vessel is something you want to tend to quickly. Besides, a stationary ship can become rusty rather quickly which will only cost you more money. Repairing the vessel underwater seems to be the most efficient option. By using certified divers, Antwerp Underwater solutions provide swift and meticulous repairs and maintenance to your vessel. By diving to the spots on the ship that have fallen in disrepair, they can easily move around underwater. When they have chosen the right position, they can start to weld underwater. With a lot of precision, they will make sure that your international ship has a full repair and is ready to face the open waters again.

Profit from their expertise and experience

When you hire the experts from Antwerp Underwater Solutions, they will start by inspecting the ship in question. Making a clear overview of the entire situation is rather important to ensure a correct repair job. When they have mapped out the necessary work, they will also have an estimation of the working time and the final costs of the repair job. This means that you will have a transparent view into what you are paying for. The employees will happily tell you about everything they have repaired and fixed on your ship and why they have constructed the final price. That is why you should count on Antwerp Underwater Solutions for an international ship repair.