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Here you will find solutions for a dietary cation-anion difference

One of the most problematic effects of calving is calcium deficiency. This can be reduced by using special feed additives and supplements. When you are in need of these additives and supplements, you are ensured of high quality at Kimtec International. With years of experience in improving the animal feed industry and with a problem-solving attitude, this company provides you with innovative products that can reduce calcium deficiency. Their goal is to supply economically feasible products that improve and support animal health and production or reduce feeding costs. You can find all products and research developments on the website of Kimtec International, which are distributed throughout the world. 

The problem of a dietary cation-anion difference

A temporary blood calcium deficiency (also known as hypocalcemia) leads to milk fever and usually occurs around the time of calving. It can be seen as one of the most common metabolic disorders in dairy cows. An effective solution for calcium deficiency is the reduction of dietary cation-anion difference, a method that has been developed by this company at an advanced level. For this reason, many dairy farm owners, dairy consultants, and companies in the animal feed industry around the globe have used the products from Kimtec International for many years. Feeding a typical dry cow ration leads to a positive dietary cation-anion difference, meaning an excess of cations towards anions. The reduction of this difference will lead to an alkaloid metabolic state. Ultimately, the problem of milk fever has been effectively prevented because of the anionic salts which are included in their products.

Benefit from high-quality products and professional advice

All high-quality products from Kimtec International are unique and produced under control standards like GMP and HACCP. Besides, the specialists of this company are happy to give you more information about the utilization of these products. This way, you fully benefit from their solutions for a dietary cation-anion difference and, in general, a calcium deficiency. Do not hesitate to contact them and to ask your questions.

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