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Dredging: what is it?

Dredging: what is it?

Dredging probably is a thing you’ve heard about, but you’re not still not sure what it exactly means. Well, you’re probably not the only one, since dredging isn’t quite a trending subject. Even though the technique behind dredging is really interesting. 

In this article we’ll give you more information about the dredging, and the technique that is used by dredgers. We will tell you what dredging is, and about the dredging equipment used by dredgers.

Dredge, never heard of it.

Since you don’t know the definition of dredge, we assume you’re also not familiar with the definition of dredge.

Dredge is the sludge on the bottom of the water. Dredge mostly consists of leaves, soil material or other types of plant residues that have ended up in the water. It oftens also consists of residual waste. If the dredge consists of (harmful) residual waste, we also talk about dredging sludge.

What is dredging?

To state the obvious: dredging is the process of removing dredge from the water bottom. The verb ‘dredging’ is derived from the noun ‘dredge’. Do you describe the term a little more clearly, then the definition of dredging is the excavation of sand, slip and other soil layers from the water bottom.

It is important that the dredge on the bottom of the water is removed regularly, because the dredge is constantly supplied by the current in the water. Besides it’s important to remove the dredge, the disposal of the dredge also is really important. There are many dredging companies that are specialized in these tasks. 

Why dredge should be removed

Because of dredge, the waterways (or channels) become shallower. It’s even possible that dredge can cause the waterways to become blocked. As a result, the water isn’t available for ships anymore. Also, the water that is discharged to the sea can be hindered by dredge. The chance of waterways bursting their banks becomes significantly higher because of dredge.

In order to prevent flooding and not hinder the ships, it is important that the dredge is removed on a regular basis.

How to remove the dredge

As we’ve told you, dredging is the process of removing the dredge from the bottom of the water. So, dredge can be removed with the help of a dredger. A dredger is a vessel equipped with dredging equipment, that removes the dredge from the water bottom.

Since dredging is a heavy task, the dredging fleets are heavily loaded. Dredging equipment such as dredging adapters and pick-points therefore have to be replaced quite often.

Different kind of dredgers

Every dredging project requires a different approach. Also, not all the dredgers are suitable for the same waters. That is why different types of dredgers are available:

  • Trailing suction hopper dredgers

  • Cutter suction dredgers

  • Backhoe dredgers

  • Grapple dredgers

  • Environmental dredgers

There also are two different methods used in the dredging industry: mechanical dredging and hydraulic dredging. 

Mechanical dredging is used when the ground is soil. In case of mechanical dredging, cutter heads are used to dig up or remove rough material. Hydraulic dredging is done by using water jets to softer surfaces such as sand or gravel. The loosened material is extracted with special pumps and processed further.

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