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Discover these exclusive revolvers of the Old West

Are you looking for a reliable dealer in historical revolvers of the Old West? Let us tell you something about the professionals of Wild West Treasures! With more than 10 years of experience in this specific area of collecting, they have the exact revolvers of the Old West in stock that would suit your exquisite collection of weapons. They sell the most unique items and accessories on their website, and at fairs in the United States and various European countries. Are you curious about their antique collection of revolvers of the Old West? Read more below and get to know them better.   

Have a look at their extensive catalogue

Wild West Treasures, located in Belgium, is the ultimate seller when you are looking for one-of-a-kind antique pieces and revolvers of the Old West. All of their showstopping items come from gun shows or from private persons around the world. The following categories and items are just an example of what they have available for you to buy:

  • Antique combustible cartridges and primers
  • Civil War revolvers
  • COLT single action and Bisley
  • Belgian rifles and pistols
  • Holsters, scabbards and leather items
  • Pepperboxes
  • Dual cases
  • Maynard’s system revolvers and long guns
  • Percussion revolvers
  • Japanese swords
  • European miniatures
  • Derringers of all brands

It’s clear that they have revolvers of the Old West for any type of collector. Display your item as its own or add them to your valuable collection. Have a look at their website and browse in their catalogue to explore their products!

Contact these professionals

Do you want to know more about the revolvers of the Old West of the company Wild West Treasures? Don’t hesitate to contact them. The friendly team of professionals will reply promptly with an answer to your question. You can find the correct contact information on the website.