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Discover the convenient filing service for your Dutch tax returns

Would you like to find out what your tax position is for a specified tax year? Or are you an expat worker who has too little knowledge of the Dutch tax return system to fill and file your own taxes? Then the experts of Witlox International Tax Advice offer the perfect solution with their filing service.

What services does the filing service offer?

The filing service of Witlox International Tax Advice is especially convenient for expat workers who may experience troubles due to their inexperience with the Dutch tax return system. Think about the following activities:

  • Expat workers receive fiscal advice related to their specific tax situation.
  • A request for the monthly tax refund is filled out for the expat worker when this is deemed necessary. A part of the wage is namely withheld as a preliminary payment of the wage withholding tax.
  • A questionnaire will be sent to collect all the necessary relevant data, so the Dutch tax return administration is complete.
  • An extension is requested to file the tax returns in an orderly fashion.
  • Husband and spouse are taxed separately in The Netherlands. It is therefore important to organize the taxes of yourself and your spouse. Witlox International Tax Advice arranges this for you without trouble.
  • You receive an informative brochure on a yearly basis that explains all the up to date taxation rules.

These experts constantly refresh their knowledge of the Dutch tax system and legislation on that. When an appeal is needed, they will file this for you in case the assessment does not match the filed return.

Contact the experts for Dutch taxes

Do you have any questions about the Dutch tax return, or would you like to know more about the services Witlox International Tax Advice offer in their filing service? Make sure to contact these experts by calling them or fill out the contact form on the website. They are more than happy to answer all your questions and solve your problems related to the Dutch tax system.