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Danger of bias

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Bias is our simplified understanding of how the world around us works. Bias makes development difficult, makes people stubborn and inert – after all, if you are sure that you already know everything, then you will not want to learn something new and learn, and this will prevent you from achieving success.

Here are some important tips from Peter Ludwig, author of the bestselling Beat Procrastination, to help you overcome your bias.

  • Learn, develop, improve your competence. Look for quality feedback.
  • Develop critical thinking – learn to work with information sources, choose reliable ones.
  • Question dogmas, your own beliefs and test them “for strength” – look for not only confirmation of them, but also refutation.
  • Avoid speaking out about things you don’t understand.
  • Be guided by the Occam’s Razor: If there are multiple explanations, obviously the simplest is correct.
  • Beware of the massive Dunning-Kruger effect, where a large number of people who only communicate with each other share mistaken beliefs.

Read and improve your productivity and beat procrastination!

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